Refrigeration Oils

- high performance naphthenic mineral oils, specially refined and processed to meet the requirements for refrigeration equipment manufacturers

- RPAG polyglycol-based lubricants, especially formulated for use in air conditioning systems using Freon Type R134a

- synthetic oils suitable for cooling compressors using R134a refrigerant type. They are also suitable for use in centrifugal and helical screw compressors, in industrial air conditioning systems and cooling systems.



These products are manufactured from specially refined and processed high performance naphtenic mineral oils, to meet the requirements of refrigeration equipment manufacturers. They have good chemical stability and are suitable for cylinder and bearing lubrication.


• Low pour point and excellent fluidity at very low temperatures.
• Do not wax-out under low temperature conditions.
• Specially refined for the stability in the presence of ammonia and fluorinated hydrocarbons.
• Excellent low temperature flow and evaporator heat transfer to provide optimum system efficiency.
• Minimized varnish and sludge formation.
• Extremely low water content with maximum corrosion protection and prevention of ice formation within the system.
• Long service life


• Suitable for refrigeration units using fluorinated hydrocarbon refrigerants and ammonia.
• Recommended for cylinder and bearing lubrication in all conventional refrigeration compressors and for machinery operating at sub-zero temperatures.
• Industrial applications such as food freezing and cold storage plants.
• Marine refrigeration applications.
• Not recommended for use with HFC refrigerants.

RPAG-354 46

RPAG polyglycol lubricants are specially formulated for use in vehicle air conditioning systems running on R134a. Developed for original fill and top up, RPAG lubricants feature excellent chemical and thermal stability, improved wear performance and extended compressor life. Backed by global approvals from major car manufacturers you can be assured of getting the right lubricant whatever the application.


Synthetic lubricant that meets all needs of the newest refrigerants.

SOLEST lubricants feature excellent chemical and thermal stability and a superior structure to improve wear resistance and operating life.

SOLEST lubricants are designed for standard factory fill and air conditioning and industrial refrigeration equipment, as well as for OEM retrofitting operations.

SOLEST lubricants are not hazardous under 29 CFR 1910.1200. They provide improved properties over conventional mineral oils in all aspects, including viscosity index, flash and fire points and pour point.


SOLEST are cooling compressor oils developed for use in cooling compressors where coolant R 134 A is used. Are suitable for use in centrifugal, screw and spiral compressors in industrial air-conditioning and cooling systems.