Metal Industry

- lubricants produces from kerosene and / or diesel and pure paraffin linear structure based materials, meeting the purity requirements of U.S.FDA 178.3620(b)
- oils for hydraulic systems being part of the machinery used for aluminum’s hot and cold rolling, compatible with rolling oils. Specially developed to solve the problems of stains where hydraulic oils and rolling oils are mixing
- lubricants for gear and transmission systems being part of the equipment used in aluminum’s hot and cold rolling
- hydrotreated naphthenic and isoparafine oils featured with high solvency and low in aromatics content, these products are available with different boiling points and meet certain FDA regulations
- oils used as transport agent in plant protection applications, for applications in paint industry, in industrial cleaning, for drilling fluids, in aerosol production, printing inks and cleaning products, offset printing machines and in the aluminum industry
- fire resistant hydraulic oils with high quality ester, polyol based and with high performance additives to meet the toughest demands that may arise in very difficult conditions
- oils used as lubricants and release agents in the continuous casting of steel
- bio-oils for the lubrication of molds used in continuous casting of steel.



PIKEREL is a high purity hydrotreated blend of isopraffins and napthtenics hydrocarbons. Though its low aromatic content and high solvency characteristic, this product is available in different boiling point ranges and fulfils certain FDA regulation.

PIKEREL is used as carrier agent in phytopharmatic applications and performs well in paint and coatings, industrial cleaning, drilling fluids, aerosol applications, printing inks production, aluminium industry, offset printing machine cleaners.


PETRAL F, S is produced from selected feedstock of kerosene and/or gas oil. It has a pure and linear paraffinic based structure and complies with the purity standards of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA 178 3620 b). Low sulphur content and low toxicity & odour makes Petral F, S more preferable when compared to others.
The product is specially developed for foil and also for aluminum sheet production.
Characteristics :
-Good viscosity
-High flash point (high initial boiling point)
-Low final boiling point
-Oxidation stability
In comparison to conventional oils, PETRAL F, S performs:
-High rolling speed
-No residual after annealing
-Longer shelf life
-Good viscosity for thin foils
-No unsaturated hydrocarbons susceptible to oxidation
-Environmentally friendly
PETRAL F, S act as coolants and lubricants and they have the function to disperse the additives.


HYDROIL AL SERIES, developed for hydraulic systems of aluminum hot rolling and cold rolling machines and fully compatible with rolling oil. They are specially developed to solve staining problems in the case of mixing hydraulic system oils to rolling oil. Eliminate the staining problems thanks to their special additives which are compatible both with rolling oil additive and alumina.

HYDROIL AL SERIES meet all the requirements of hydraulic system oil standards and are suitable for all wing type, piston type and gear type pumps which can be found in hydraulic systems.

Products are designed by using food grade white oil as base oil and therefore conforms to US FDA Regulations 21 CFR 178.3620 (b). This regulation means lubricant is suitable for the application at which there is a possibility of lubricant to make incidental contact with food therefore products are recommended for aluminium rolling mills that produces foil or similar products for use as food packaging materials.


MORGOIL BR SERIES products are formulated to be used at bearings and gear systems at the aluminum hot and cold rolling systems.

Because of its special base oil and special additives, it does not cause any staining problem when it is contaminated with rolled product.

Products also are very resistant to oxidation and therefore have a very high effective life.


REMORA FRE 46, 68,a fire resistant hydraulic fluid blended with high quality polyol esters and performance additives to ensure high performance demands of most challenging work conditions.

Benefits :

• Due to its high flash point, it provides a safer working environment.
• Due to its high viscosity index, it works a wide temperature range without losing properties
• Due to excellent lubrication properties, it ensures much longer-term work for equipment.
• High hydraulic stability and superior water separation provides much longer working time.
• It does not constitute a threat to the environment due to its high bio-degradability properties.

Features :

• High flash point
• Excellent water separation properties
• Low volatility
• Superior lubrication
• Superior protection against rust and corrosion


RUMANOL is developed to be used as a lubricant and mould release agent at the process of continuous steel casting such as Concast type process.
Rumanol provides you the following benefits:
-Low pour point; It forms a very strong lubricating layer between solidifying metal and mould guaranteeing prevention abrasion between metal and mould surface and also improves the quality of metal surface and reduces porosity.
-High flash point; It forms a good lubricating film on the surface of mould by not allowing solidifying metal to adhere to the mould and provides easy and fast solidification of metal with high heat removal rate from metal.
-Less usage dose; Increases productivity and yield by depending on process condition.


WP CASTING 150 A is a non-toxic, biodegradable product for the lubrication of continuous casting moulds for steel casting. It is not harmful to human health and environment.

WP CASTING 150 A’s advantages with respect to vegetable oil and conventional mineral oil based products are:

-Provides good lubrication between the solidifying metal and the mould surface, thereby preventing skin rupture and break-out of liquid steel from the strands.
-Increase the mould life.
-Prevents rhombic formation
-Forms a good lubricating film in the entire mould, due to its excellent wetting characteristics, thereby preventing the steel from sticking to the mould surface on its way down.
-The vapours formed during casting are not toxic and irritant.
-Conducts heat away from the steel, thereby assisting the metal to solidify more rapidly.
-Shows high performance at elevated temperatures.
-Improves the quality of metal surface and reduces porosity.